Kreature Hook


This fella’s superpower is quite impressive. He has super hero DNA, built to be strong and resilient. He can come to life when casting cool shadows. Kreature is really good at keeping night monsters away, making him a great gate keeper.

He loves to hang around (literally) in playrooms, bedrooms and listen to story books, specially the adventure ones. Kreature is also a great companion to have as he will always look after you.

This hook is a great addition in children’s bedroom, you can add garlands, banners even fairy lights.



  • Made 18 mm black laminated birch E0-E1 FSC
  • Comes with a 100% unbleached cotton string bag
  • It sits 30mm off the wall. 3M tape
  • Holds up to1.5 kg of weight
  • Dimensions:  H180x W150mmx D18mm
  • All products are hand finished for smooth edges
  • Easy maintenance, wipe clean with damp cloth (crayons and sharpies marks, wipe with soft spray cleaner)


( Do not hang this piece over a bassinet or a bed where the child’s head might be under. Difference in room temperature may interfere with the tape, as well as excessive weight on the hook)