Little Girl and Dog

Our Story

  Ekokids furniture celebrates your children’s imaginary world, by allowing them to enter a world of make believe, through playful shapes and shadow casting.

 Ekokids is here to help parents contribute to a more sustainable planet, by enriching children's environment with a playful and conscientious design.

 This is not your normal furniture, not for the fainted at heart.
It's for the mould breakers, the unsettled and the adventurous souls. Here you'll find, we are serious about Design, serious about quality and serious about furniture made fun.

 Be aware this furniture has magical powers, where Kreature can shape shift into a hideout and comes to life when casting cool shadows. Oskar the bear, will hug, protect while you dream and plan your quest. Also you can be reassured, at the end of the day, everything will be ok, by looking at Kasper's irresistible smile.

 We believe Design is better when experienced.

The 5 steps & 5 min Assembly

Don't worry parents, we've got you covered. Inspired by the Viking peg system, Ekokids ended the pain staking lengthy assembly. Our simple assembly will be done under 5 minutes to free your time to watch your children learn while they play. Our children's furniture is made with architectural grade non toxic plywood, making it safe and structurally sound.
Our furniture range accommodates your nursery decor needs and early learning years, focusing on ergonomics and their imagination.

Oskar Table And Stool
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The Designer

Hi, I'm Cristina! I'm Portuguese born from Lisbon, Portugal.
I'm passionate about Design, Sustainability and long talks over glasses of wine. I landed in Australia, in 2007 after finishing my degree in Industrial Design. I decided to do the big travel on my own. Little I knew, I would meet in Sydney, the love of my life and partner in crime. We got married in Portugal, lived in Sydney and in 2009 moved to his gorgeous town in the Mid North Coast. We have 2 beautiful girls, dogs, chickens and ducks!

How it all started

I was a home staying mum for both of my girls, as you mums know, it is a full time job. Truth is Design always has been present my core, as an undercurrent ready to be birthed. Slowly, I regained confidence with another love- handmade. It was my previous business, kids decor, made out of plywood. I loved it, but deep down I knew I wasn't leaving my comfort zone. Ekokids Au, happened when we moved to our new house, when I was looking for a desk for my girls. In my search, the products I'd found, always lacked one element I believed essential. That's when it stroke me! What if I designed furniture with no screws? That I could assemble with no help? What if I used the very best material available? That could be durable, eco friendly and beautiful? I brainstormed with my girls and for weeks and months, I was drawing, researching to find the best material available. This process, relit the passion I have had for Design. Not long after I was able to birth my first prototype set- Kreature. That's when Ekokids was born!

I hope you can enjoy this journey with me <3