Our Story

Ekokids furniture celebrates your children’s imaginary world, by allowing them to enter a world of make believe, through playful shapes and shadow casting.

 Ekokids wholeheartedly believes when designing for your children, we must enter their world and allow ourselves to feel what it’s like to be wild and carefree.

Ekokids is here to help parents contribute to a more sustainable planet, by enriching children's environment with a playful and conscientious design.

Frustrated by complicated instructions when it comes to furniture? Ekokids is only 5 steps, and under 5 minutes . Ekokids wants parents spend less time putting furniture together, and more time watching your child learn while they play. Inspired by the insights of Maria Montessori, we offer your child an experience of fun through design. Often times, furniture can come with dangerous parts, however you won’t find that with Ekokids. Screws are not part of our furniture, as it uses a Viking Joinery system, using locks instead.


We LOVE what we do and we are inspired by the insights of Maria Montessori's. Purchase with ease knowing your child’s playtime is safe with eco certified modern plywood furniture, with a dash of Montessori inspired MAGIC and awesome kid friendly durability.

Designed and Quality Made in Australia.

“Design incorporates logical thinking with imaginative play”

"Every design-conscious, practical and modern parent must discover Ekokid Spaced In - your children will be thrilled too!" Kristine from Kidsinteriors




  Hola! I'm Cristina from Lisbon, Portugal. 

  I landed in Australia nearly 12 years ago after finishing  a Degree in Industrial Design.

 I never thought, I would meet in Sydney, the love of my life and husband, with whom I have two crazy beautiful girls. We lived in Sydney, got married in Portugal; and moved to a gorgeous town on the Mid North Coast, NSW. I was home staying mum for both of my girls and as all Mums know it is a full time job. But, Design has always has been part of who I am, and as I rediscovered my passion for creating and making products, my handmade plywood decor for children was born- Ekokids Australia.

When we moved in into our new house, I was looking for furniture for my girls room. In my search for fun furniture, I realised it was lacking at least one essential element. 

For that moment on, I was determined to find the very best material available and to provide a unique approach to the design of children's furniture. During this search I discovered  Viking Joinery, a system that used no screws and was perfect to lock furniture in place.  Late 2016, after months of prototyping and testing, I was able to bring Kreature to life, a unique desk and stool for kids. That's when Ekokids was born!

Hope we can share this journey together. <3