Oskar Hook



A little secret about Oskar:

 Oskar has hidden super powers.

According to the legend, when Oskar was born, while asleep, sprinkles of Magic fell on his head. And he had a dream, to protect every single child on the house by giving them Courage, Imagination and Vision Quest. And of course Bear Hugs, his favourite thing to do. Like Oskar, this too will happen while asleep. True story.


This wooden hook is perfect for a wall decor, in a nursery or in an older children’s bedroom. Can be decorated with garlands, fairy lights or any other thing you wish, for that extra special item for children’s room .

Great as a baby shower present, too.

This crisp white being an achromatic colour, brings a low impact presence, a sense of calm and inobtrusion.

All of Ekokids packaging is plastic free.

Dimensions - Diam 220MM

Material: 18MM Laminated Birch Ply

Attaches 30mm off the wall with 3m Tape

Screw included with instructions