Ekokids Sustainable Approach

+ Conscientious Design +
We've teamed up with Reforest Now (Australia) a NGO, that restores endangered habitats and areas devastated by the fires. For every Ekokids sold product above $25, we plant a tree. It made sense to us to close the cycle and we're happy to work with Reforest Now as our ethos is aligned.
Material Selection

We take pride in our design and in the material selection, sourcing you the very best quality available.
The material used is laminated birch, available in two colours, black and white. The laminate is known to be more durable than film, allowing this way better resistance and durability.
The wood follows, fair and ethical standards of employment and is certified from a chain of custody complying with AS 407:2006 AFS PEFC, from sustainably managed forests.
+Low Toxicity +

   The toxicity in the glue is classified as E0 or E1, which translates in really low vapours emissions during its life time, enabling this way, better indoor air quality for your home, safe usage for children, adults and pets.
+Low Waste+

 When manufacturing, the computer generated program assesses the best space usage for the design to be onto the plywood sheet avoiding unnecessary waste. Once manufactured, the furniture has been designed to have an extended life span avoiding to end up in landfill.

+ Transport and Packaging +

   The courier company Ekokids deals with is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and Australia’s first certified technology B Corporation.
Ekokids packaging is 100% recyclable, foam and bubble wrap free. The honey comb board used in the packaging ensures good protection of the furniture. This supplier we use, has won the ” 2007 Packaging Awards” amongst others prizes.
Cristina Pell