7 ideas To Keep Children Busy At Home  During School Holidays ( 18m to 5yo)

7 ideas To Keep Children Busy At Home During School Holidays ( 18m to 5yo)

It's that time again where school holidays came around quickly and times are still a bit strange. And Ekokids loves to browse through Pinterest, to bring you the best, simple and educational crafts on the web! We want to help you lift the burden, and bring some suggestions to keep the little humans busy, if it is for only 30mn. So, with no further due, let's check them out!



DIY Fuge ball table made of carboard

All you need to make this is: 1x Cardboard box, 10 Pegs, 12 Straws and a ball. 12 straws so you can make 6 rows. 2 straws per row, one inside the other to be long enough to go across and leave some extra for the sides.

Age group: 3- 5 yo

Level of difficulty: easy




DIY Nerf gun target

Let's face it, most households with boys in it, will have a nerf gun laying around somewhere. Rather mum's bottom or the siblings' eye be the target, or the dog even, why not direct their aim to a more focused goal. Will help train the brain to concentrate and the bullets will stay mostly in one section, win-win.

Age group: 3- 5 yo

Level of difficulty: easy


3- DIY Musical Instruments

Child playing on DIY Drum

What a clever way to reuse some house items that otherwise would end up in the recycle bin and also your little human will have fun decorating them too.

Age group: All ages

Level of difficulty: easy


4. DIY Wooden Plane

A simple little craft for indoor play.

Age group: 18 months- 5 years

Level of difficulty: easy


5. DIY Rocket Ship

With one toilet roll and cardboard - look at what can be done!

Age group: 18 months- 5 years

Level of difficulty: easy



6. Fly Catcher

Another imaginative use for toilet roll paper, plus your little one will practice motor skills while playing.

It's a bonus when you can use house hold item, wouldn't you agree?

Age group: 18 m - 5 years

Level of difficulty: easy



7. Nature People

 Is there anything better than children's drawings?

 This craft, mama is so simple, and so easy to do too.

Children can be involved in the process since the beginning. From collecting leaves, pebbles, sticks, to do the drawing and finally completing it with the findings. So many beautiful variations and definitely a keeper.

Age group: 18 m - 5 years

Level of difficulty: easy


I hope you enjoyed these ideas, if you have time to do any of these, please tag #ekokids on Insta, as I would love to see them.

Also, if you're always on the look out for some DIY crafts, but don't have any time to find them, check Ekokids Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com.au/Ekokidsau/ for many other suggestions under DIY board.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read,

Much love,

Cristina/ Ekokids

 <3 See you next time <3


This soothing meditation is a great tool to help you, to bring your children to a calm mindset. It can be used either for they day nap, or  for bedtime.

My daughters specially like this one, and is so interesting to hear their feedback the next day.

"Your Secret Tree House " (From: New Horizon, Meditation & Sleep Stories)


Cristina Pell