10 Fun Things To Do With Children At Home

10 Fun Things To Do With Children At Home

Hey Lovely Mummas,

If you are like the rest of the world, chances are you community is beginning to limit large group settings and encourage people to limit contact with others. Schools are closing, churches are not holding services, libraries and entertainment venues are closing, even Disney world is closed! And as uncomfortable as it is – it’s a good thing to stop the progression of the Coronavirus. But if we have to quarantine for a few weeks, what is your family going to do, as we work as a community to stop this pandemic? Here are 10 fun things to do with your kids at your house to make the 2020 Coronavirus FUN! So, let's jump right into it!


1. Tiger Cardboard Costume

This craft would work for both big and little kids.

2.Shadow Puppet Theather

With a shoe box, wooden skewers, back cardboard for figurines and bakers paper, this little theatre promises endless fun.

3.Only 2 Ingredients Home Made Playdough

This one is really easy to make and will provide lots of fun. 

What you'll need: 1 bowl, 550g of hair conditioner, 700g of Cornstarch and (optional) Food colouring. Mix all ingredients in the bowl until reaching desired consistency. And Voila. 

4.Fairy House

5.Bunny Nature Crafts

Imagine your children running around the garden, collecting pretty flowers, shiny green leaves and any other natural materials they find.

You just know they’ll make the cutest nature bunnies ever!

In a sheet of paper, draw the eyes, nose and mouth, and let your children finish with leaves and flowers.

6.DIY Wall Rainbow

So simple yet so stunning, you agree? Look at that rainbow made with cardboard, 4 colour paints and matching threads! In love!


7. Egg Carton Craft- Crocodile

What a fun way to to turn egg carton into a crocodile. For this one you'll need, paint, 2x egg cartons, 4x toilet paper rolls, and sticky tape.


8.Patchwork And Cardboard House

All of those spare fabrics laying around will come handy with this craft. In case you don't have left over cardboard boxes, you can use cereal boxes.

All you be needing is left over fabric, scissors and glue.

9.Sock Bunny

The cutest sock bunny you'd ever seen! What a great way to repurpose the odd socks? You can find the full tutorial here:


10. Chalk Designs On The Driveway  

If you don't have any chalk at home, it can can be purchased from most affordable shops or online at amazon.com.au. The whole family can get together and join the fun. Drawing games, designs, imaginary animals, creatures,you name it. There's a link below where they have awesome suggestions. 



Let us know if you tried any of these, and tag  us on insta #ekokids.au. If you love crafts, or are always on the lookout for some but don't really have the time to spend looking, Ekokids has a DIY board on pinterest, full of great ideas. Can check it here:


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Well, that's all from my end. I hope everything works out in the best possible manner <3

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